NetJets, Private Jet Operators Report Holiday Level Demand For Solar Eclipse

By Doug Gollan, August 11, 2017

Private jet travelers need to plan as soon as possible to make sure they will be able to see the eclipse


NetJets is seeing increased demand for private air travel to destinations in the path of the eclipse similar to peak holidays At the beginning of the week, a spokesperson for the fractional share and jet card seller told Private Jet Card Comparisons it has 125 flights identified as being in a location to view the eclipse for August 21.


Earlier this year, we reported high international demand for viewing the eclipse. “You can’t get a better view for an eclipse than from a private jet,” the NetJets spokesperson told us, and it seems like there is wide agreement.


USA Today reported that Airbnb ran a contest offering a private jet ride to see the eclipse. It has been 99 years since a total solar eclipse was viewable from the U.S.


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August is already a busy period in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with an average of 50 private jet arrivals and more than 20 aircraft parked, according to a release outlining the need to plan ahead.


“Aircraft parking at Jackson Hole Aviation, the local FBO/private terminal, is expected to jump to near capacity with ramp space possibly filled and the potential of aircraft being turned away.  Depending on the volume of air traffic into Jackson Hole, the FAA may implement Special Traffic Management Programs (STMP) for private aircraft, where advance reservations known as slots are needed for arrivals or departures, according to New Flight Charters, which is based at the airport. It said August 18 to 23 is the busiest period, with peak traffic on August 18 and 22.


“Right now, August 18 looks to be busier than a December 26 at the airport,” said New Flight Charters president Rick Colson.  “We knew this would be busy but the numbers we are seeing are amazing.”


At Jackson Hole, the runway will be closed one hour around the approximately 2-minute totality at 11:35 am on August 21.  The closure will be from 30 minutes before to 30 minutes after the totality.  If you are driving to the airport that day, you will need their private aircraft’s tail number, an airline boarding pass, or a legitimate reason to access to the airport, the statement said.


At Caspar-Natrona International Airport some 163 private jets are expected to arrive on August 21, according to KWTO Radio. The report said private jet passengers and crew will not be able to stay on their aircraft. The report said, “Planes will land, park, and their pilots and passengers will be shuttled to the Atlantic Aviation (terminal where there is) a large tent for the visitors where they can eat, enjoy entertainment, and have a viewing place.”

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