Young UHNWs and billionaires are powering sales of large private jets

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Ultra-High Net Worth private aircraft buyers under the age of 50 favor large-cabin private jets by a margin of 31 percentage points

Young Ultra-High Net Worth buyers like it big when it comes to their private jets. That’s according to a just-published market outlook for pre-owned aircraft sales by broker Jetcraft. It found 81% of buyers under 50 take large-cabin private jets compared to just 50% of older customers.

Did a VistaJet client pay for private jet flights with a $21.6 million house?


VistaJet recently launched a program allowing clients to pay after they fly. A Bloomberg report suggests the private jet charter company will accept your house as payment

In addition to its fleet of silver bullet Bombardier Globals with distinctive red cheat lines that can be seen at airports from New York, London, and Geneva to Aspen, Bali, and countries whose capitals you probably can’t name for, say $21,6 million, VistaJet is known for its unabashed approach to the ultra-high net worth lifestyle and innovative marketing programs.

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Doug is a veteran reporter and media executive whose career in travel, luxury goods and services, and private aviation spans over 30 years. Before founding Doug Gollan, LLC in 2015, he launched a luxury lifestyle magazine delivered on private jets in 2001, where he served as President and Editor-in-Chief. He started his career covering the airline industry for a trade publication, advancing to Managing Director, where he launched the first online training programs for travel agents. Doug and his teams generated over $100 million in operating profits and income from selling these properties for ownership. He is the author of several books on UHNW consumers and is regarded as an expert on jet cards, memberships, and charter flight travel. He is also a contributor to He writes about the business of luxury travel and private aviation. Doug is frequently quoted in national media for his insights on private jet and luxury travel.

COVID-19 raises illegal charter concerns a year after Sala’s deadly plane crash

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As private jet travel attracts price-sensitive newcomers, illegal charters with unqualified pilots and aircraft are creating new dangers

“We’ve just got done with a case..The PIC (Pilot-in-Charge) was not typed in the aircraft and the SIC (Second Officer-in-Charge) was a student pilot with less than 50 hours. That’s one of the most unsafe things I’ve seen. This stuff goes on. It happens.”

– FAA Inspector

Back in 2016, I was visiting the headquarters of Jet Linx Aviation in Omaha, Nebraska. Walking with its CEO Jamie Walker between a series of meetings, he suggested I write about illegal charters. He said it was a subject he didn’t think was getting enough attention.

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