Here are the top interests of private jet travelers in 2023

Travel, Fine Dining, Sports and the Outdoors, Yachts, Wines and Spirits, Real Estate, Watches, Wellness, and Cars are the top passions of UHNW private jet flyers, according to just released research.

By Doug Gollan, August 7, 2023

The latest research from Private Jet Card Comparisons is good news for the travel industry, restaurants, and those selling luxury goods like automobiles, watches, and jewelry.

Results are based on over 300 completed responses from paid subscribers returned between July 21 and July 30, 2023.

This first cut of the survey, which continues throughout the Summer, is part of the 2023/24 Jet Card Report by Private Jet Card Comparisons, published later this Fall.

Subscribers were asked, which of the following lifestyle interests and passions are you interested in?

Travel for Pleasure (88.7%) was the top pick, doubling Fine Dining (44.5%) in second place.

Both mean good news for high-end hotels, resorts, and restaurants as they rebound from the devastation of the Covid shutdowns.

The Interests and Passions of Private Jet Flyers

Activity Percentage
Travel for Pleasure 88.7%
Fine Dining 44.5%
Sports and the Outdoors 38.7%
Yachts and Boats 37.1%
Wines and Spirits 37.1%
Real Estate 36.3%
Health and Wellness 34.8%
Luxury Automobiles 30.1%
Philanthropy 27.3%
Arts and Culture 23.8%
Watches and Jewelry 23.1%
Source: Private Jet Card Comparisons

Also well-positioned are providers of experiences centered around Sports and the Outdoors (38.7%) and yacht brokers and cruise lines (37.1%).

Health and Wellness (34.8%) and Wines and Spirits (37.1%) perhaps balanced each other.

And subscribers are always looking for a new place to call home, with 36.3% saying they are interested in real estate.

Luxury Automobiles (30.1%), as well as Arts and Culture (23.8%) and Watches and Jewelry (23.1%), also rated highly.

More than a quarter of respondents (27.1%) cited philanthropy.

Bullish Personal Financial Outlook

Subscribers are overwhelmingly positive about their personal financial outlook over the next 12-to-24 months.

Overall, 73.1% of respondents said they are Extremely/Very Confident about their financial outlook, with approximately half (36.1%) saying they are Extremely Confident.

79% of respondents use jet cards, 44% charter trip-by-trip, 20% have fractional ownership, 12% own their private aircraft and 3% fly on company jets.

Additionally, 9% use jet sharing and by-the-seat providers, while 20% say they share informally via rides on friends’ private jets.

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