Private jet demand could benefit from United, American route cuts

photography of airplane during sunrise

Travelers headed from and to over a dozen cities where United Airlines and American Airlines are stopping flights could turn to private aviation

While demand continues at a record level for private jets in the U.S., United Airlines and American Airlines cited a lack of demand in cutting flights to over a dozen smaller and midsize cities.

As United Airlines and others cancel flights due to COVID-19, Jet Cards provide a smart alternative

COVID spread on airplanes

With travel dropping due to the spread of Coronavirus, Jet Cards offer a way you can make important business trips and vacations

United Airlines announced it is slashing 10% of its U.S. domestic flights due to the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Numerous large companies have put business travel on hold, and others have implemented restrictions. Still, life goes on, and many people still will need to travel in the coming weeks.

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