As United Airlines and others cancel flights due to COVID-19, Jet Cards provide a smart alternative

By Doug Gollan, March 5, 2020

With travel dropping due to the spread of Coronavirus, Jet Cards offer a way you can make important business trips and vacations

United Airlines announced it is slashing 10% of its U.S. domestic flights due to the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Numerous large companies have put business travel on hold, and others have implemented restrictions. Still, life goes on, and many people still will need to travel in the coming weeks.

Following cutbacks of airline service to Asia, airlines are cutting other flights as well with demand falling.

United Airlines cuts U.S. flights amid COVID-19 Coronavirus

“Due to decline in demand flowing from the impact of COVID-19, we’re taking additional steps to reduce our international and domestic schedules,” United CEO Oscar Munoz and President Scott Kirby said in the memo.

private jet travel spikes as airlines cut flights during Coronavirus crisis

In Europe, Lufthansa Group said it is grounding 150 aircraft.

These cuts mean finding commercial airline schedules that get you to that critical meeting is going to become more difficult. More cuts are expected, according to breaking news reports.

Cuts and changes to schedules are also expected to impact vacation plans as well.

How to find the right private jet card membership

With so much uncertainty, jet cards become an ideal solution for companies and HNW families as a smart alternative.

That means you can buy today, and then use your jet card when needed. In many cases, funds don’t expire.

Quite a few private jet memberships provide users both fixed rates and guaranteed availability.

Having fixed rates means you don’t have to worry about price increases as demand for private jets skyrockets.

In advance of hurricanes and other emergency situations, on-demand charter rates can double.

Guaranteed availability means you can reserve an airplane so long as you book outside the contracted deadline.

For example, there are a number of programs that offer fixed rates with guaranteed availability requiring less than 24 hours notice.

Many jet card programs also provide flexible cancelation policies as well.

The key is finding the best programs for your needs.

Other factors to be considered is where you are flying, how many seats you will need if you require WiFi, whether or not you will be transporting pets, and more.

Most of all, using private jets eliminates contact for you, your family and employees from large groups on commercial airliners and airports.

Most private jets seat between four and 15 passengers, and use separate terminals, referred to FBOs.

Now is the time to research private jet Coronavirus options

Private Jet Card Comparisons has identified over 65 variables between the more than 250 private jet membership programs it analyzes.

Subscribing to Private Jet Card Comparisons 2020 Edition at $250 gives users the ability to find the right programs in less than five minutes. Additionally, the buyer’s guide to jet programs offers personalized assistance on request, at no extra charge.

Now is the best time to buy a jet card. Instead of waiting until the last minute, and then having to call multiple brokers, a jet card provides an insurance policy that you will be able to get your executives to their meetings or onto that family vacation or another important event.

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