You’re fired! Are you an unprofitable private jet flyer?

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Some private jet providers are looking more closely at profitability instead of just revenues. In fact, you may have already received your walking papers

It took the Covid pandemic to boost business aviation out of its lost decade precipitated by the 2008 Financial Crisis. Yet along with an influx of new customers and record revenues came higher expenses, new operating realities, and in some cases, a realization that customers could no longer be accommodated in the way they were pre-surge. Here’s how to tell if you are getting fired from your jet card.

Velocity Jets, the first company to stop jet cards, is selling again

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There is no doubt that boutique jet card broker Velocity Jets was the canary in the coal mine when it stopped selling jet cards in July 2021

Back in July 2021, Florida-based Velocity Jets was the first jet card provider to halt sales to new customers.

As demand ebbs, Jet Card options grow

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A softening private jet charter market is drawing more operators and brokers to launch and expand jet card and membership offerings

With Argus TraqPak and WingX showing a retreat in demand for private jets, there is a wave of new membership and jet card options.

Velocity Jets, first to stop jet card sales, restarts

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The first jet card seller to halt taking new customers is now selling jet cards again, but on a limited basis

Florida-based Velocity Jets is a boutique broker. It was also ahead of the industry in halting jet card sales to new customers. It did so in early July, more than a month before NetJets, the first prominent player to put jet cards on ice. Velocity is now restarting – on a limited basis.

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