pausing jet card sales

By Doug Gollan, August 25, 2021

New York-based jet card broker is suspending jet card sales effective Sept. 1 as it seeks to cope with surging demand, a New York broker of jet cards that recently acquired Part 135 charter operator Pittsburgh Jet Center to provide added inventory, is now temporarily halting jet card sales, effective Sept. 1. Since June, private jet flying has been hitting record levels.

A spokesperson tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, “We will be temporarily pausing our jet card sales starting September 1st to allow ourselves a chance to run reviews on our pricing, terms, and guaranteed availability.”

She continues, “As you know, the industry has become very turbulent, and in order to continue to offer the level of service we pride ourselves in, this has become a necessity.”

Coping with record demand

On Monday, NetJets announced it was temporarily halting jet card sales effectively immediately.

Looking towards the future, she notes, “Once we complete our analysis, we plan to unveil a series of new program options that will include but are not limited to pricing, membership levels, and bonuses.”

Earlier this year Jets dot com had increased daily minimums from 90 to 120 minutes. At the same time, it added deicing as part of its hourly rates but dropped its WiFi guarantee.

In July, Florida-based boutique broker Velocity Jets suspended jet card sales, a move it says it is continuing. Contacted today, CEO and owner Patrick Harris says, “We’re still going to hold off. It’s a volatile market. We’ll see what happens this Fall. I have a core group of jet card clients who have been with me for an average of 10 years. Right now, that’s my focus.”

Record demand and supply chain kinks have made for a challenging operating environment, with increased delays.

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