The ownership of jet card broker is buying Pittsburgh Jet Center, with plans to double its private jet charter fleet in the coming year

The ownership group of jet card broker is buying charter operator Pittsburgh Jet Center. It will be named Private Jet Center and provide lift for the New York-based retailer’s customers with an expanding managed fleet. It will also provide a funnel for Jets dot come customers who want to move to whole aircraft ownership.

Private Jet Center’s ownership is buying Part 135 charter operator Pittsburgh Jet Center. Plans are to double its fleet.

Pittsburgh Jet Center currently has two Cessna Citation CJ3s, two Citation XLSs, and one XLS+ on its Part 135 certificate. It is adding a Bombardier Challenger 300. It holds an Argus Platinum rating.

Pittsburgh Jet Center co-founder Clayton Pegher becomes CEO and minority owner of the aviation services company. Its history dates back to 1999 as Holman Leasing, before taking its current name in 2003. Former owner Dan Holman continues as operations director.

Pegher says plans call for doubling its managed fleet in the next 12 months. It will focus on the current types. He said additional FBO locations could be in the works as well. Its sole location is Zelienople Municipal Airport (KPJC) facility.

While the current fleet is based at KPJC, Pegher says none of the aircraft need owner approval, and “they’re rarely here.”

He adds that under Private Jet Center, the company will maintain its current retail and wholesale clients. For Jets dot com, he says have ownership will provide the broker an opportunity to keep customers who want to upgrade to full ownership. It will now be able to offer management and says several opportunities are already in the pipeline.

“Current clients and members can seamlessly access on-demand charter, jet card membership, and moving forward aircraft management,” says COO Daniel Satterlund said.

He noted, “Over the past several years, we knew it was imperative to grow a fleet to serve our current and growing membership base.”

Jets dot com jet cards start at 20 hours and are category-specific – so light, midsize, super-midsize, and large cabin. They recently included deicing with their jet card hourly rates and reduced daily minimums from 120 minutes to 90 minutes.

Private jet shortage?

Wheels Up, Vista Global Holding, Jet Linx, and FlyExclusive have been consolidating the Part 135 charter market in the past three years. Delta Private Jets, Mountain Aviation, Gama Aviation Signature, TMC Jets, Red Wing Aviation, XOJET, Sky Night, and the management arms of Meridian and Elliott Aviation have all be scooped up.

Brokers have expressed concern about possible private jet shortages. Charter activity reached record levels in March. Brokers worry acquiring companies use inventory to satisfy their members who have contracted for guaranteed availability first. Reduced airline schedules and COVID avoidance have led to a strong rebound for private aviation. A recent survey of Private Jet Card Comparisons subscribers found 96% of new private flyers planned to continue post-pandemic.

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