Jet card and on-demand charter provider has held Wyvern’s highest rank for brokers since 2021

Wyvern has renewed’s certification as a broker at its highest level.

“We are thrilled that Wyvern has renewed our Broker Certification,” said Desirae Pellegrino, Chief Compliance Officer of

She added, “This accomplishment is another proud moment for as we continue to set new benchmarks for excellence and safety.”

Wyvern estimates less than 2% of charter broker companies worldwide have attained Wyvern’s Registered Broker status, and fewer still have achieved the higher Broker Certification.

Jets has held the top level since May 2021.

According to the provider, it is the first to be renewed at the top level.

There are only five Wyvern Certified Air Charter Brokers in the country.

To renew its status with Wyvern, the New York-based provider underwent a virtual audit that assessed its adherence to rigorous ethical, safety, and legal standards.

Jets also had to show that it observes strict safety policies, processes, and procedures while continuously monitoring and enhancing its operations.

The company offers two jet cards. One is hours based, and the other is based on deposit levels.

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