launches $1 million jet card discount promotion

Buyers of’s 40-hour East Coast Jet Card get 3 free hours among other incentives.

By Doug Gollan, October 12, 2023

New York-based is offering up to $1 million or 125 hours in free jet card hours through Dec. 15, 2023, whichever comes first.

“At, we’re dedicated to providing the utmost in luxury travel experiences, and this promotion is our way of saying thank you to our valued jet card members who have placed their trust in us,” says Manni Scarso, Co-Founder of

He adds, “We are excited to offer these exclusive benefits and free flight hours to our valued fliers, making private jet travel even more accessible and enjoyable.”

It also offers an extra incentive for flyers who only need access to flights east of the Mississippi River or its international service area with an East Coat jet card.

Bonus hours are as follows:

  • Buy a 20-hour National Jet Card: Receive an additional 0.5 free flight hours.
  • Buy a 40-hour National Jet Card: Get 1.5 free flight hours and one domestic flight with no peak upcharge.
  • Buy a 20-hour East Coast Jet Card: Receive an extra one free flight hour.
  • Buy a 40-hour East Coast Jet Card: Get three free flight hours and one domestic flight with no peak upcharge.

In May, Jets renewed its status as a Wyvern-certified broker.

It also has an in-house operator via its 2021 acquisition of Part 135 charter operator Pittsburgh Jet Center. 

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