The digital private jet charter booking revolution is still delayed

EBACE 2023

Expedia-like on-demand private jet charter bookings have been in the works for over 20 years and still aren’t ready for takeoff

When a broker tells you they are like the Expedia or Google Flights of private jet charter, don’t walk, fly. You are being conned.

VistaJet, XO boss Flohr responds to FT article on Vista Global on CNBC

Thomas Flohr on CNBC

Vista Global Chairman Thomas Flohr responded to the Financial Times article highlighting net losses, cash position, and debt at the private jet flight provider

Vista Global Chairman and Founder Thomas Flohr answered back to this week’s Financial Times article, which highlighted the private jet provider’s increased debt, net losses, and cash position relative to customer deposits for future flights.

Financial Times: VistaJet, XO parent Vista Global debt, net losses mounting

VistaJet Global 7500

Vista Founder Thomas Flohr counters that the results were the ‘consequence of conservative accounting of non-cash items such as depreciation’

The Financial Times published this morning a lengthy front-page feature on VistaJet and XO parent Vista Global Holding titled, “Private jet disrupter: the debt-fuelled ascent of Thomas Flohr’s VistaJet.”

Vista Global touts 55% increase in Q1 jet card hours sold


Vista Global says it saw strong sales in program hours as it continues the cabin upgrades to aircraft from operators it acquired

After selling a $500 million bond offering, XO and VistaJet’s parent Vista Global Holding says first quarter program sales jumped 55%.

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