Private jet companies bullish at Jefferies Business Aviation Conference

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Flexjet, Wheels Up, and Vista Global executives told the private jet conference there are no signs of demand waning

A line-up of CEOs and top executives with the major fractional private jet, jet card, and membership providers speaking last week at Jefferies Business Jet Summit continued their bullish outlook for private jet travel.

VistaJet targets 100+ hours flyers with revised pricing structure


While it is still accepting Program members at the 50 hours per year level, new pricing is focusing on high-volume customers

How does an on-fleet membership program keep selling with record demand and limited supply?

VistaJet adds trip cancellation insurance

VistaJet Challenger 350

For a 20% premium, VistaJet charter customers can mitigate cancelation fees

Global luxury private jet operator VistaJet has launched an insurance program. According to a press release, VistaJet Protect removes all cancellation fees up to 48 hours before a scheduled departure. If a client cancels less than 48 hours before departure, VistaJet will use the premium to offset part of the outstanding cancellation fee.

VistaJet widens its business travel focus with a new corporate offering

VistaJet private jets for business travel

Global private jet operator VistaJet says it has seen a 49% increase jump in interest from companies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Six months after launching VistaJet Dynamic Lease, the global private jet charter operator is betting on a business travel rebound. Its new Dynamic Corporate Membership, announced this morning, is a suite of services and policies customized for your company’s needs.

The two programs seek to send a clear message to CFOs and directors of aviation. Known for luxe cabin interiors, designer-uniformed cabin hostesses, gourmet menus, and VIP offerings for kids and even pets, VistaJet is not just for UHNWs and the board chairperson.

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