The short answer is some do. Others don’t.

Before you buy into a jet card or prepaid private jet block charter program, if WiFi is important to you, you need to specify that to your salesperson.   In some cases, such as Vistajet, JetSuite, WheelsUp or on XOJET’s owned fleet, all the planes have WiFi. Magellan Jet, which is a broker, has a jet card program which will guarantee only planes with WiFi connectivity. Air Partner and Private Jet Services Group (PJS) will customize a quote for you to source only aircraft that have WiFi.

The fastest way to check which companies and programs offer WiFi is to subscribe to the Private Jet Card Comparisons in-depth look at 75 programs from 18 different companies covering over 62 different vagaries, including policies on taking your pets, flying unaccompanied minors, including age requirements, pilot qualifications, peak day restrictions and a host of information that is critical to making a smart decision. Click here to find out how you can access this important information.

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