Volato signs with SmartSky for inflight WiFi

HondaJet operator Volato is upgrading inflight connectivity via an agreement with SmartSky.

By Doug Gollan, September 5, 2023

Volato and SmartSky announced that they have entered into an agreement to equip the fractional and jet card provider’s fleet of over 20 new HondaJet aircraft with SmartSky’s next-generation inflight Wi-Fi technology.

The agreement between the two companies includes the installation of SmartSky Lite systems on new Volato HondaJets, with the option to upgrade existing aircraft.

“Outstanding customer experience is a critical point of differentiation for Volato, and in-flight Wi-Fi with streaming-level performance is a very important part of that overall experience,” said Mike Prachar, Chief Operating Officer of Volato.

In a press release, he added, “After evaluating the available options for Wi-Fi for our fleet, SmartSky demonstrated the capability to deliver the high-quality connected experience our customers expect. We were also attracted to the fact that its software-defined features will allow us to keep up with new technology developments without requiring new hardware so we can keep our customers flying with no disruptions to service or the latest in-flight Wi-Fi speeds.”

“Partnering with an operator like Volato is especially exciting because of the excellence and efficiency it demonstrates in all of its private aviation services. It is fitting for Volato customers to soon experience the kind of connectivity that makes flying more productive and enjoyable so that they land happy,” said Ryan Stone, President of SmartSky.

He added, “Whether on smaller airframes or larger cabins, SmartSky users experience the same streaming-level performance from the most advanced infight connectivity ever built.”

According to the company, SmartSky’s real-time, very low latency, bidirectional data link makes It “the best in-flight user experience and a key enabler for new and enhanced applications and services.”

Recent news

Volato offers fractional shares, jet cards, and on-demand charter, as well as aircraft management.

It is also planning a SPAC-merger IPO.

It also entered the top 30 private jet operators based on charter and fractional flight hours, placing 21st through June, according to Argus TraqPak.

At the same time, the 2021 start-up achieved ISBAO’s top safety level, Stage 3.

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