Volato offers guaranteed light jet upgrades for fractional buyers

HondaJet VLJ fractional buyers with Volato can now upgrade to six-seat light jets on a guaranteed basis.

By Doug Gollan, April 9, 2024

HondaJet fractional buyers with Volato can upgrade to a light jet on a guaranteed basis via a new promotion.

The offer, in the form of a side letter, is good for the five-year duration of their fractional agreement.

It guarantees shareowners the ability to upgrade to a six-passenger light jet for a 50% premium on hourly rate and fuel during non-peak days.

On peak days, the premium would be 70%.

Rules and policies are the same as your fractional flying agreement.

Volato’s fleet of very light jets has four and five-passenger configurations with a four-seat in-cabin guarantee.

There is also a belted lavatory seat.

The promotion is running during the second quarter, although officials say there isn’t a specific end date.

Last year, Volato launched a Gulfstream G280 fractional program, with initial deliveries expected later this year.

Its G280 has a 10-seat configuration.

Last December, it launched a similar arrangement allowing G280 buyers to access large cabin jets via Fly Alliance.

The 2021 start-up has quickly climbed to the 16th-largest U.S. private jet operator based on charter and fractional flight hours.

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