Volato releases customer app

The world’s largest HondaJet operator, Volato, has released an app serving its fractional, jet card, and on-demand customers.

By Doug Gollan, March 14, 2024

Volato has launched its first app.

It is designed for clients across its various solutions, from fractional ownership to jet cards and on-demand charters.

Features include streamlined flight booking, ground transportation, catering, and access to discount programs offered through Volato’s growing network of partners.

Jet card customers can view all financial transactions within the app.

You can now Instant pricing.

However, confirmation is still based on availability with the program for jet card members.

Insider members can also view exclusive deals, last-minute offers, and easy access to membership benefits, eliminating the need to check with reservations.

Fractional owners see a multimedia presentation that displays real-time information about their aircraft, including location, flight history, maintenance schedules, and charter hours.

Volato offers fractional owners revenue sharing based on their ownership percentage.

On-demand customers get real-time dynamic pricing, but not confirmations.

“Our Volato mobile app was built based on extensive customer feedback and testing around the simple notion of giving our customers what they’ve asked for in the easiest and fastest way possible,” said Steve Drucker, Volato’s Chief Technology Officer.

The announcement states that integration with its flight management system “delivers unmatched efficiency and faster customer response times.”

It seamlessly integrates dynamic pricing, contract signing, flight booking, customer support, fleet optimization, data reporting, and customer billing.

The app is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

Volato is the world’s largest HondaJet operator.

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