Top 25 operators Fly Alliance, Volato enter flight partnership

Volato will tap Fly Alliance’s large cabin Gulfstream fleet to support its new G280 fractional ownership guaranteed offering.

By Doug Gollan, December 4, 2023

Two top 25 private jet operators, Fly Alliance (ranked 18th) and Volato (ranked 21st), are joining together to support each other’s guaranteed private jet flight programs.

Under the agreement, Volato will use Fly Alliance’s large cabin Gulfstream fleet to support its Gulfstream G280 fractional program.

Conversely, Fly Alliance had already been utilizing Volato’s HondaJet fleet for jet card customers flying via light jets.

Both players are relatively new to the market.

Fly Alliance launched in 2019, while Volato took flight in 2021.

Volato, which has already established itself as the world’s largest HondaJet operator, is launching a G280 fractional program with four Gulfstream jets due for delivery in 2024.

It uses the 10-seat configuration for the super-midsize jet.

Most super-mid programs guarantee only eight in-cabin seats, with a ninth seat via a belted lavatory seat.

Matt Liotta, Co-founder and CEO of Volato, tells Private Jet Card Comparisons the agreement will help assure G280 fractional owners of guaranteed availability as it builds the fleet.

Additionally, top-tier Volato’s Insider jet card program members can access the Fly Alliance large cabin fleet on an as-available basis.

In prepared comments, Liotta added, “We are always seeking opportunities to enhance our capability to fulfill the varied requirements of our program customers. Access to Fly Alliance’s fleet allows us to cater to larger group travel.”

He added, “As part of our unwavering commitment to safety, we conducted a comprehensive safety audit of Fly Alliance’s operations, which delivered excellent results.”

“Our agreement with Volato reflects a shared commitment to delivering exceptional service and value to our customers,” said Chris Tasca, President and Co-Founder of Fly Alliance.

“Our fleet of large cabin aircraft is ready to serve Volato’s customers, ensuring they enjoy the highest standards of service, safety, luxury, and convenience in private aviation.”

Liotta says there could be more opportunities to collaborate with Fly Alliance.

“I don’t think this is the only way we can work together,” he adds.

Last week, Volato announced it had completed its SPAC merger, allowing it to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under SOAR.

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