Users of private jets spend 72% of flights on work related tasks, more than double that of flying commercially, according to a study by Harris Interactive.  

In terms of the places that business aviation leverages the time of you and your employees, 30% of flight time on private aircraft is spent working on individual projects compared to 28% when flying commercially.

For work related meetings with customers, 6% of private jet flights is spent mingling with customers and potential customers. The biggest advantage, however, is internal work time with your team. While only 3% of commercial airline flights are spent conducting work-related meetings with company employees, the Harris survey finds when flying privately 36% of the time is spent with the team getting on the same page, brainstorming and moving work projects forward.

About the Author Doug Gollan

Media Executive focused on marketing and sales to Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) consumers, luxury travel and private aviation, particularly jet cards