What is a fractional jet card?

The difference between a fractional jet card and a jet card by any other name is that a fractional jet card is offered by a fractional fleet operator. Fractional fleet operators sell shares in their planes where the customer is essentially buying a portion of the plane, and then can fly on the entire fleet. NetJets, Flexjet, and Nicholas Air jet cards are examples of fractional jet cards. 


As a buyer of a jet card, it works much the same as other jet cards. The difference between you and the fractional owner is the fractional customers typically have shorter lead times to make reservations and fewer peak days. Fractional fleets generally have standardized interiors across specific jet types so each time you fly you know what to expect. On the other hand, you may feel like you are down further in the pecking order when it comes to VIP events and perks. When there is over demand and the fractional operator has to charter planes from third parties to fulfill your mission your flight might be more likely to be fulfilled that way all things being equal. On the other side, fractional fleet planes are likely to be no older than five to seven years. You can compare the fractional jet card offerings of the aforementioned companies alongside 75 total programs by clicking here.

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