The Most Searched Private Jet Card Providers

Who are the most searched for private jet card providers? Private Jet Card Comparisons releases statistics of visits to jet company corporate pages.

By Doug Gollan, April 15, 2017

NetJets and its Marquis Jet Card is the most searched private jet card provider, according to one-week after the website’s pre-launch. Founder and Editor-in-Chief Doug Gollan said NetJets was followed by Air Partner, Wheels Up, Delta Private Jet and Flexjet rounding out the five company pages readers visited most often.

“When we created Private Jet Card Comparisons we saw a need in the market. Only 3% of jet card buyers use a consultant, and there was no other independent guide that offered comprehensive head-to-head comparisons in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format,” said Gollan. “Most of the time selecting a jet card or prepaid charter program came down to the recommendation of a friend, a previous experience or having an assistant do a Google search looking for a couple companies.” 

Gollan continued that the idea for the site came as he was researching a story for where he is a contributor. As he gathered information, he found 65 different variables ranging from hourly rates to standards for sourcing pilots and planes, insurance coverage, peak days, advance reservation and cancellation windows down to policies on bringing pets, sending unaccompanied minors and what catering is included.

The site currently covers 20 providers and over 80 programs. Below are the providers ranked by visits to their corporate profile pages on the site:

  1.  NetJets Marquis Jet Card
  2. Air Partner
  3. Wheels Up
  4. Delta Private Jets
  5. Flexjet
  6. XOJET
  7. Jet Linx
  8. Sentient Jet
  9. VistaJet
  10. JetSuite
  11. Magellan Jets
  12. Nicholas Air
  13. Clay Lacy Aviation
  14. PrivateFly
  15. Star Jets International
  16. Private Jet Services (PJS) Group
  17. Prive Jets
  18. Solairus Aviation
  19. Wholesale Jet Club
  20. JetSet Group

Gollan said in the first week the site generated 2,034 unique visitors, and based on subscriptions, approximately 30-40% are current regular users of private aviation with another 20-30% interested in private jet travel and financially qualified. Industry executives believe approximately 500,000 households in the U.S. have the financial resources to buy jet cards or prepaid charter programs. Kenny Dichter, CEO of Wheels Up recently said he wants to have 10,000 members by 2020.

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