Top 10 Private Jet Events

Top 10 private jet events.

By Doug Gollan, April 16, 2017

What are the most popular events for the private jet set? While the Super Bowl ranks first typically attracting more than 1,000 private jets, NetJets is the largest operator of private jets in the world with a fleet of over 700 planes. 

With that in mind, below are the biggest events for NetJets in terms of flights, the even and the typical number of arrivals and departures.  Note that two of its own events are in the top 10.

  1.  NetJets’ Poker Tournament, Las Vegas, NV; 275-300 Flights
  2.  Super Bowl; 250 Flights
  3.  The Masters, Augusta, GA; 250-300 Flights
  4.  The Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France; 200-220 Flights
  5.  Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland/Miami Beach, FL; 200-250 Flights
  6.  Kentucky Derby, Louisville, KY; 130-140 Flights
  7.  Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting, Omaha, NE, 120-130 Flights
  8.  Monaco Grand Prix, Monaco, Europe; 80-100 Flights
  9.  World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland/Allen & Co. Economic Conference, Sun Valley, ID; 100-140 Flights
  10.   NCAA March Madness, Final Four; 70-90 Flights

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