Several private jet operators are saying the possible laptop ban for transatlantic flights is unlikely to spur much incremental business. One-way flights between the U.S. and Europe to charter an entire plane runs $60,000 to $100,000. 

Private Jet Services (PJS) Group and Victor say they are seeing a few inquiries, however, XOJET and VistaJet both report so far there isn’t any noticeable activity. VistaJet added that following the ban on laptops on flights from eight Middle East countries there was no increase in private jet flying.

One potential beneficiary is JetSmarter. It sells seats on a weekly Gulfstream GIVSP that flies roundtrip between New York and London. With pricing closer to first and business class tickets on commercial airlines, it is planning to add frequency, however, it will not add any new routes at this point.

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