NetJets Launches NetJets Elite Card

The new Elite Card provides an all-inclusive rate rate that includes fuel and taxes, but has a 24-hour reservations lead time.

By Doug Gollan, May 23, 2017

NetJets has launched the NetJets Elite Card. If you noticed something different, it is the first card we are aware of that doesn’t carry the Marquis Jet label, however, an official told Private Jet Card Comparisons, “The Marquis Jet name is still in use, we simply chose a different naming convention for this product.”


According to promotional material touting the new product, “If you’ve been considering a light-cabin jet solution from NetJets, this could be the perfect time. The NetJets Elite Card features all-inclusive pricing and is the most seamless way to join the NetJets family.”


The new card provides 25 flight hours on the Citation XLS or Citation Encore + and guaranteed availability with 24 hours notice, a bump up from 10 hours for other NetJets Marquis Jet cards according to our comparisons.


The purchase price is inclusive of flight hours, fuel, and Federal Excise Tax on flight hours and fuel. Miscellaneous fees (domestic passenger tax, international fees, ground transportation charges, etc.) will be invoiced as per a standard card agreement. Flights on up to 45 published NetJets Elite Card Peak Period Days are subject to a 25% premium. Flight time is multiplied by 1.25 and the resulting number is the number of hours billed and deducted from the card. The new card may be used for travel with NetJets Europe. Current inter-program exchange rates will apply. Flights on a NetJets Europe Peak Period Day will be at a 25% premium. There is 24-hour minimum booking notice required for flights on Non-Peak Period Days. 120-hour minimum booking notice required for flights on Peak Period Days, which is the same for other Marquis Jet Cards.


When we asked Pat Gallagher, NetJets’ EVP of Sales & Marketing how the new product fits into its existing offerings, he told Private Jet Card Comparisons, “The key difference in the Elite card is that it provides an all-inclusive rate so taxes (and) fuel are included and the all-in cost is lower than our standard 25-hour (Citation) Encore and (Citation) XLS cards would be.” He added, “The trade-off is the call out time you and a premium applied to flights on Peak Travel Days.  If you want to fly no (Peak Travel Days), the standard Marquis card makes more sense.  If you can avoid them, then the Elite card is the way to go.

Registered users can compare the new Elite Card to other NetJets jet card products across our checklist of 65 variables.


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