Do They Or Don't They? JetSmarter Clarifies Its Policy On Accepting American Express Part 3

By Doug Gollan, June 8, 2017

Does JetSmarter take American Express? It should be a simple yes or no answer. Right? Well, apparently not. During my first email interview with JetSmarter CEO Sergey Petrossov I asked the question after reading that the private jet membership program had stopped accepting Amex as a form of payment. 

I had also checked with a JetSmarter sales rep who was soliciting me. In both cases, the answer was no.

Below was my question and the answer attributed to the CEO from my first report:

PJCC: Why are you no longer accepting American Express?


SP: “JetSmarter currently accepts payments through Visa, Mastercard, JCB and Discover, as well as wire, ACH Transfer or personal check. Unfortunately, American Express does not always work with membership model companies.”


The next day I heard back from JetSmarter’s PR agency saying Petrossov wanted to clarify his answer with the following:

“We do accept American Express if customers want to pay with it, but we prefer Visa (or) Mastercard. This is common amongst jet cards and programs. Most jet card companies don’t accept (American Express). We offer the option (we) just prefer Visa (and) Mastercard.”

I then noticed on Flyertalk a post which contradicted JetSmarter’s position that they accept American Express. See below:



I followed up by sending the above screenshots to JetSmarter’s PR company requesting a response, and here is Petrossov’s response:

“Regarding the (screenshots) for certain services, JetSmarter does not accept it and hence the pop up in the app. Our preferred method is Visa or Matercard. On personalized invoices we take it, but not preferably.”






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