JetSmarter Expands Private Jet Sharing For Members

By Doug Gollan, July 12, 2017

The Private Jet Membership Community Is Offering Charter Customers The Ability To Offset Costs By Selling Seats On Their Flights


JetSmarter is expanding its private jet-sharing service, according to its founder and CEO Sergey Petrossov. “Up until now the name SHAREDCHARTER and Create Your Own Shuttle have been used almost interchangeably. They’re now becoming two distinctly different services,” Petrossov said in a video released yesterday. 


A press release from the company stated, “Through this new offering, members are now able to create personalized charter flights through the app and offer the unused seats for purchase to other members. Essentially, this new service makes it possible for JetSmarter members to be reimbursed in flight credit for up to 100% of their charter cost.”


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The new line-up of JetSmarter offerings are as follows:



Get the flexibility to fly how, where, and when you want with whomever you want.


Choose where and when to fly, and get flight credit when members purchase your extra seats.


Create custom shared flights along existing routes, and only pay the flight creation seat minimum.


Fly on more than 45 routes worldwide, and book seats up to two months in advance.


Enjoy complimentary and cost-saving flight experiences around the globe.


In the video, Petrossov continues, “With Create Your Own Shuttle (CUSTOMSHUTTLES) you can choose your takeoff time and aircraft time but are limited to the proximity of Shuttle routes. With our new SHAREDCHARTER service you have the flexibility to fly where and when you want regardless of where you are going and when you want to get there, but with the major valued added benefit over private charters.


“After you’ve set your flight itinerary and chosen how many seats you need then JetSmarter will invite other members to purchase your extra seats and for every seat sold you’ll get reimbursed in flight credit. It’s automatically adjusting in real time. It will be available globally and it will save up to 90% of charter cost. Those other 10 seats become jet deals and as they are booked the flight credit is automatically added to your account.”


Reservations for the SHAREDCHARTER service can be made through the JetSmarter app, available for iOS and Android devices.


As usual, the devil is in the details. We’ve reached out to JetSmarter to ask how the credits will work. For example, can they be applied to cover 100% of a future full charter or are there limits to their use? Also, can they apply to membership renewals and upgrades? In terms of the charter costs for SHAREDCHARTER, for the initiating member, how do they compare to the cost of just simply chartering an entire plane? Does the initiator pay the full cost as if he/she is chartering the entire plane, then JetSmarter gains more cash by selling extra seats as JETDEALS? Does the initiator get a lower price? Is the size of the plane increased or decreased based on seats sold?

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