What Companies Sell Private Jet Card Memberships?

While private aviation has struggled to get back to pre-Recession levels, the number of companies selling Jet Cards has doubled .

By Doug Gollan, December 17, 2017

While private aviation has struggled to get back to pre-Recession levels, the number of companies selling Jet Cards has doubled

Since the Great Recession of 2008 private aviation has struggled. Flight hours dropped significantly and now just a decade later are returning to levels equal to before the financial meltdown. Orders and deliveries of new private jets still haven’t recovered, yet one area of private aviation has been growings – Jet Card Memberships. 

Jet Card Memberships are popular for a number of reasons:

  • Jet Cards provide the closest experiences to full or fractional ownership of a private jet without the long-term commitment and expense.
  • By choosing a program, you are buying into that program’s standards for sourcing aircraft and flight crew meaning that you don’t have to spend time evaluating aircraft for each trip as you do with an on-demand charter.
  • Many Jet Card programs provide guaranteed availability at guaranteed hourly rates in as little as eight hours meaning during peak periods and short notice you know you will get a jet and you know how much you are going to pay. This came in particularly handy during the hurricanes earlier this year.
  • Prepaid programs mean you don’t have to worry about transferring funds on short notice and with every trip or during holidays and weekends as with on-demand charter.


Private Jet Card Comparisons has done all the hard work for you by compiling over 100 jet card programs from over 25 providers into easy-to-use spreadsheets you can download for personal use.


We compare everything from the hourly rate, service area, sourcing standards for aircraft and flight crew, third-party safety audits to policies on flying your pets, if WiFi included, minimum age for unaccompanied minors to what’s included in your program and what’s not, including de-icing, catering, fuel surcharges, CPI escalators, and FET tax at 7.5%,


We also list out peak days, peak day surcharges and compare lead time for reservations and cancellations both during regular and peak periods as well as service recovery policies. It’s the most comprehensive analysis on the market, and best of all, we don’t sell or market your data to third parties.


A $250 subscription to Private Jet Card Comparisons will save your dozens of hours of research and help you save money by finding the right program for your unique flying needs, whether you need to ability to upgrade or downgrade, use multiple aircraft at the same time during peak days, or any special needs you have.


Below is an overview of companies included in our comparisons, when they were founded, their ownership structure, current CEO and number of employees.


Company Founded Ownership CEO Headquarters Number of Employees
Air Partner Inc. 1961 Public – Air Partner, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Partner plc Mark Briffa UK: Gatwick, England
US: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Airstream Jets Inc. 2008 Private Peter Maestrales Boca Raton, Florida 10
Clay Lacy Aviation 1968 Private Brian Kirkdoffer Los Angeles, CA 350
Concord Private Jet 2007 Private Neal Impellizeri Garden City, NY less than 10
Delta Private Jets, Inc. 1984 Wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines Gary Hammes Erlanger, KY 450
ExpertJet 2014 Private Andrew Flaxman Fort Lauderdale, FL N/A
Flexjet 1995 Private. Member of the Directional Aviation family of companies. Michael Silvestro Cleveland, OH 1300
Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc. 1967 Subsidiary of General Dynamics President Rob Smith Zurich, Switzerland
U.S. – Teterboro, NJ
Jet Linx Aviation 1999 Private Jamie Walker, President & CEO Omaha, NE 420 nationwide
JetSet Group 2011 Private Steven Orfali New York, NY 11
JetSuite 2010 Private Alex Wilcox Irvine, CA 250
Magellan Jets 2008 Private Joshua Hebert Quincy, MA 45
Netjets 1986 Subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Adam Johnson Columbus, OH 6,000
Nicholas Air 1997 Private Nicholas Correnti Columbus, MS N/A
Paramount Business Jets 2005 Private Richard Zaher Leesburg, VA N/A
Private Jet Service Group (PJS Group) 2003 Private Greg Raiff Seabrook, NH 60+
PrivateFly 2008 Private Adam Twidell US: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
UK: London
Prive Jets 2007 Private Isaac Grimberg Hallandale, FL 20
Sentient Jet 1999 Private. Member of the Directional Aviation family of companies. Andrew Collins Braintree, MA 100
Silverhawk Aviation 1992 Private Mike Gerdes Lincoln, NE 100
Solairus Aviation 2009 Private Dan Drohan Petaluma, CA 500
Star Jets International LLC 2016 Private Ricky Sitomer New York, NY Under 20
StraightLine Private Air 2016 Private Tom Filippini Denver, CO N/A
VistaJet 2004 Private Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman Malta 800
Wheels Up 2013 Private Kenny Dichter New York 150+
Wholesale Jet Club 2016 Private Steven Orfali New York, NY 7
XOJET 2006 Privately held by TPG and Aabar PJS Brad Stewart Brisbane, CA 350

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