Private aviation travel in December increased powered by a 4.6% gain in charter and jet card flights


Year over year flight activity (December 2017 vs. December 2016), TRAQPak data showed that December 2017 posted an increase of 2.0%. The results by operational category were mostly positive with Part 135 activity (on-demand charter and jet cards) producing a 4.6% gain. Fractional activity recorded a rise of 4.0% and Part 91 activity slipped 0.5%. The aircraft categories were mostly positive as well with large & mid-size jets posting the largest gains, up 5.5% & 4.2% respectively. Turboprops were flat for the period while light jets declined 0.1%.  

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.28.06 AM

December business aviation flight activity posted an expected month over month decrease to finish down 8.2% from November 2017. Results by operational category were red for the month, with Part 91 posting the largest monthly decrease, down 11.8%. Part 135 flight activity posted a decrease of 4.6% while Fractional activity saw the smallest monthly drop, down 4.3%. Aircraft categories were all negative, for the month, with turboprops posting the largest monthly decrease, down 9.8% from November. Mid-size jets posted a decrease of 7.7%, while light and large jets recorded decreases of 7.6% and 6.7%




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