Surf Air Europe Sets New Pricing For Swiss Ski Flights

Surf Air in Europe is offering a new Escapes membership with a minimum of three months plus an initiation fee.

By Doug Gollan, February 15, 2018

Surf Air in Europe is offering a new Escapes membership with a minimum of three months plus an initiation fee


Surf Air wants to get you to the Alps faster without having to commit to a full year of membership. 

“As there are many people who love the product but just either don’t fly enough to warrant paying the All You Can Fly subscription, or do not want to commit to paying £20,000 or so up front, which is completely understandable, we have decided to adapt our Escapes membership which now allows members to pay per seat with a small monthly membership fee,” Surf Air Europe noted in an email.


The new Surf Air pricing features:


– £250 initiation fee

– £250 monthly membership (gives you access to purchase one-off flights)

– £650 per flight.

– £800 per guest


Surf Air Europe currently flies London City Airport to Zurich Airport and back on weekdays and then to Sion on weekends. The company is planning to again feature seasonal flights from London to Ibiza and Cannes.


Surf Air has been trying to adapt its U.S. model to Europe competing alongside JetSmarter and JetClass with the latter offering private jet access on a by the seat basis without a membership fee. In all cases, you fly on a set schedule and buy only your seat, sharing the plane with others, however you save time by using private aviation ground facilities – FBOs. By only having to show up 15 minutes prior to departure and being able to exit quickly, you can cut total travel time by more than half. Wheels Up is expected to announce its entry into Europe this year.


Among Surf Air’s various membership programs is one that includes All You Can Fly both Europe and the U.S. Prime Members fly all European and US routes from £3,150 per month.


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