55% Of Businesses Using Private Aviation Have Under 500 Employees

If you think private jets are just for big companies and the super rich, you’re wrong. Jet Cards enable even smaller companies to access private aviation.

By Doug Gollan, February 23, 2018

If you think private jets are just for big companies and the super rich, you’re wrong. Jet Cards enable even smaller companies to access private aviation


Business aviation employs over one million jobs in the U.S. spread over all 50 states. The result is over $200 billion in economic activity. But you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to gain the benefits of private aviation, according to research sponsored by No Plane No Gain, an advocacy group coordinated by the National Business Aviation Association and General Aviation Manufacturers Association. 


Over half – 55% – of companies that use business aviation have less than 500 employees. In addition to top executives, business aviation allows companies to safely transport tools and materials that cannot be carried aboard airlines getting them to customers and facilities faster, enhancing customer benefits and retention. And the economic benefits of private aviation go beyond just the pilots. The flights made by business airplanes require support. Schedulers, dispatchers, maintenance technicians, training professionals and airport employees are just a few of the many support professions involved in business aviation.


For companies – large and small – private jets and turboprops save employee time, improve productivity, accelerate transactions, protect intellectual property and improve customer service.


Jet Cards provide small and large businesses an effective way to access private aviation in a responsible way while ensuring each mission is backed by service recovery guarantees and each flight is operated by aircraft and flight crews who meet the sourcing standards you require. Many Jet Cards enable you to also guarantee availability with fixed one-way rates so you can accurately budget your travel needs. Jet Card programs typically also offer roundtrip discounts providing extra savings, and depending on where your needs, you can also find programs which include de-icing or guaranteed WiFi as examples.


Private Jet Card Comparisons compares over 250 Jet Card programs by over 65 variables ensuring you find the programs the best fit your unique flying needs.

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