5 Reasons Your Company Should Buy A Jet Card

Business aviation provides companies big returns and Jet Cards are an easy way to access private travel with high levels of control and accountability.

By Doug Gollan, March 9, 2018

Business aviation provides companies big returns and Jet Cards are an easy way to access private travel with high levels of control and accountability


Users of private aviation know first hand how it can boost business. No Plane, No Gain is an industry organization supported by both the National Business Aviation Association and General Aviation Manufacturers Association and has gain supporters from a wide range of private jet users, including CEOs of major private and public companies. High profile endorsers have ranged from Neil Armstrong and Arnold Palmer to Warren Buffett. 


Using Jet Cards for private aviation access enables companies to easily budget and control usage with management reports on who, where and when. Jet Cards also enable companies to arrange private flights on short notice without having to worry about payments and money transfers. Many programs analyzed by Private Jet Card Comparisons – we track over 250 Jet Card programs – allow use of multiple aircraft at the same time making them attractive for company use. Other benefits such as guaranteed availability and guaranteed one-way pricing as well as roundtrip discounts and guaranteed service recovery make card membership attractive for business travelers on the go. And perhaps most importantly, when you buy into a Jet Card program you buy the standards for sourcing aircraft and flight crews (Subscribers of Private Jet Comparisons can compare both). Best of all, since you can buy into programs starting at 10 or 25 hours, Jet Cards enable you to integrate private aviation solutions without a long-term commitment.


Here are five reasons private aviation might make sense for your company, courtesy of No Plane, No Gain.


  1. Companies needing to reach multiple destinations in a single day rely on business aviation. This type of itinerary is often impossible to keep using other modes of transportation.


  1. When using a business airplane, employees can meet, plan and work en route. Employees can discuss proprietary information in a secure environment and without fear of eavesdropping, industrial espionage or physical threat.


  1. Many aircraft have technologies that allow employees to remain in communication with colleagues on the ground throughout the duration of their flight. This is critical for companies managing a rapidly changing situation.


  1. Business aviation allows companies to safely transport tools and materials that cannot be carried aboard airlines, enabling them to solve urgent problems efficiently and quickly.


  1. Business aviation is a time multiplier allowing key employees to do more, faster.  Much like an investment in state of the art computer software, a business airplane boosts employee efficiency and productivity. Efficiency=Productivity=Profits.

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