ProspAir Jet Charter’s parent gains Wyvern Wingman operator certification

Dumont JETs is among 50 U.S. charter operators that have met Wyvern Wingman’s safety standards.

By Doug Gollan, April 18, 2018

Dumont JETs is among 50 U.S. charter operators that have met Wyvern Wingman’s safety standards


Dumont Aircraft Charter, LLC, known as Dumont JETS has been certified as a Wyvern Wingman Operator. Dumont JETS has a growing fleet that includes a total of seven Dassault Falcon 2000 aircraft and has recently acquired eight Hawker 400XP aircraft to make the fleet total of 27 aircraft. It sells jet cards through subsidiary ProspAir Air Charter. 


The Wingman Program validates safety culture, SPIs and targets, conformance to ICAO Level 4, and compliance with SMS regulations. Validation is accomplished via an onsite assessment and continuous monitoring to prevent performance drift. Including Dumont, there are 50 operators in the U.S. that have achieved Wyvern Wingman status, one of the safety standards used by operators alongside ARGUS and IS-BAO.


The Wingman Standard requires pilot and maintenance personnel training and flight experience that far exceeds FAA Part 135 regulatory minimums. The Wingman Audit is a performance-based, onsite evaluation. The scope of the Wingman audit includes a review of the company operational history and safety record, operational control, Safety Management System per ICAO Doc 9859, Third Edition, administrative composition, security, company manuals, pilot and aircraft records, training requirements, professional development, and maintenance operations as well as a physical inspection of an operator’s fleet.


Wyvern looks to see if an organization has a positive safety culture, what is the quality management in place, and what processes and procedures are in place to mitigate risk? Wingman Operators are continuously monitored in Wyvern’s Safety Intelligence Report (SIR) to demonstrate adherence and compliance with the Wingman Standard.


Dumont Group is headquartered in New Castle, Delaware. Rhode Island-based ProspAir Jet Charter launched in 2016 offering six different jet card programs. You can read our full Jet Card Insider review of the ProspAir program here.

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