JetSmarter targets jet card and fractional owners with new free trial promotion

JetSmarter is offering a free 60-day trial membership if you can prove you are already a user of whole aircraft, ownership, charter or jet card.

By Doug Gollan, May 1, 2018

JetSmarter is offering a free 60-day trial membership if you can prove you are already a user of whole aircraft, ownership, charter or have an active jet card


JetSmarter said today the company will offer a complimentary 60-day trial for its JetSmarter membership program as an alternative to jet cards and fractional ownership. The program enables members to create on-demand charter flights. To be eligible travelers must provide proof of one of the following: Charter expenses over $50,000, an existing jet card, aircraft ownership or membership with another private jet company.


“We’re happy to extend this offer to help simplify travel for those who own a jet or charter through various providers,” said Sergey Petrossov, founder and CEO of JetSmarter. “By chartering or being a jet card holder, you may be saving time but you’re not saving money. This is the JetSmarter difference and we’re encouraging jetsetters to see for themselves.”


Tests by Private Jet Card Comparisons have shown it’s a mixed bag when comparing on-demand charter prices to the guaranteed one-way prices many jet cards offer. On-demand charter also tends to have more restrictive cancelation policies and typically service recovery isn’t guaranteed, plus it’s typical you shop prices across multiple brokers and then have to spend time analyzing the proposed aircraft and operators.


Recently, JetSmarter restructured its membership offers melding together its two entry-level programs – Simple and Smart – into a single program with a $3,000 activation fee and $4,950 annual membership. One major change was that there are now no free seats on shuttles. Instead, new dynamic pricing for seats will be comparable to first class fares, the company said. Still, members avoid the time it takes for check-in and security at commercial airline terminals.


While JetSmarter’s hook until now has been mainly shuttles and empty legs, it also offers on-demand charter for members and enables those customers who don’t need the entire aircraft to sell seats and earn credits offsetting some of the expense. Unlike many jet cards, JetSmarter doesn’t offer fixed one-way rates, using the traditional dynamic pricing model.It says its charter pricing doesn’t include “broker fees.”


What do we think of the offer?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained. For 60 days you can see how JetSmarter’s prices compare to other brokers or your jet card, as well as the policies surrounding your proposed trips. You might even be able to find some reasonably priced shuttles and see if the semi-private model makes sense for you. For more information visit

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