From the Citation Excel/XLS to the Gulfstream G450 if you think NetJets is just for fractional ownership and leases think again


Go to the NetJets website and you might be surprised at how little information you find about specific programs, particularly its jet card programs. While there is a nice directory of the various aircraft types that make up its 700 strong fleet of private jets, the wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway publishes the fewest details we’ve seen from any jet card seller. Yesterday, we talked extensively with executive vice president Pat Gallagher about the company’s programs. 


We’re not sure why they’re hiding them. While you may think about NetJets mainly for fractional ownership, a concept it invented, the truth is there is an impressive card program providing aircraft specific solutions in each of the four main size categories of private jets. There is the ability to combine two aircraft types into a 25-hour card, plus an innovative card targeting fliers with both short hops and cross-country flights as well as one of the most generous primary service areas we’ve seen. If getting the absolute lowest jet card pricing is what you are looking for, stop now. Otherwise, you will want to read our detailed overview here.

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