Fractional jet card and share operator NetJets rolled out the red carpet for clients during this past weekend’s Formula 1 in Monaco


While NetJets boasts the largest fleet of private jets in the world and uber high standards for pilot experience and training, it has also made its mark by offering its jet card and fractional owners hospitality experiences at signature events such as the Super Bowl and The Masters. Over the past weekend, executives were busy wining and dining customer in Monaco for the Formula 1 race won by Australia’s Daniel Ricciardo who bested Germany’s Sebastian Vettel and Great Britain’s Lewis Hamilton. 


In addition to shares, NetJets offers a variety of jet cards in both the U.S. and Europe, including a Gulfstream GIV 25-hour Marquis Jet card that includes ferry free flights across the Atlantic Ocean. Ferry fees are the charges charter operators assess to the customer to cover the cost of repositioning the aircraft before and after their flights. While NetJets normally doesn’t release extensive information about customer events, it recently posted a picture of Maria Sharapova getting on a private jet after holding a private clinic for customers.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 8.18.16 PM

The above pictures were posted to LinkedIn by a NetJets’s vice president, commenting, “Another eventful weekend for our NetJets Owners 🛫 #F1Monaco2018 – with the attendance and Q&A by Mercedes F1 driver Valtteri Bottas on the private NetJets terrace. #OnlyNetJets.” Apparently, NetJets customers had a very nice view with couches and daybeds overlooking the course which winds through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo.

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