VistaJet launches ‘Adventures in the Sky’ for young fliers

If just flying on a private jet isn’t enough for your flock, VistaJet is offering a series of customized flying experiences starting at $40,000 for kids of all ages.

By Doug Gollan, June 1, 2018

So we do like to get news about the private jet card and fractional companies to you first, however, in this case, we thought writer Adrien Glover’s piece for Bloomberg about VistaJet’s new children’s programs was of interest. And yes, it’s quite a bit more than some free coloring books and a plastic wings or a captain’s hat, although that was always enough for us. Prices do start at $4,000 not including the hourly rate of flying which starts at $12,000. Of course, you can have the Mad Hatter aboard leading the youngsters in games of dominos and croquet. And, yes, let them eat truffles, the chocolate type. It’s part of the package or better yet experience.  Since VistaJet also serves catering from Nobu as standard fare perhaps it was about time to take care of an age group that may not be impressed with raw fish.


The program, called Adventures in the Sky, launched today, and we’re not going to run to our room and slam our door because we had to read about it somewhere else first. We must have missed the press release, but according to VistaJet’s website:


Adventures in the Sky is the most extensive travelers’ program designed especially for children at high altitude. Bringing to life extraordinary experiences that combine world-class hospitality, with unique entertainment and educational elements tailored to your child’s age and interests, our aim is to make every journey remarkable.


Collaborating for the first time with entertainers Sharky and George – whose children’s parties have been met with widespread international acclaim – has allowed us to turn our cabins into playrooms and party venues, where fantasy can become reality.


From storytelling booklets, personalized backpacks and hampers, through to games and a host of interactive adventures, we cater to infants, children and young adults from ages 1 to 16. Our Adventures in the Sky is exclusively available to Program Members and can be fully customized. Contact your dedicated Customer Experience Manager to make your child’s time with us truly memorable.


Vista Jet’s version of a jet card, called the Program, starts at 50 hours of flight time, but if you consider that its specialty is global long-haul flying, that’s really only a couple roundtrips to Shanghai or Dubai.


Here are the VistaJet “Adventures in the Sky”


Alice in the Sky (Ages 4 to 11 and 3+ flight hours)


Down the rabbit hole and into a magical world that will have your child grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Once onboard, boys and girls can get into costume and will be guided through the Alice in Wonderland story by trained entertainers.

For the duration of their flight, children will have the chance to play games and try themed crafts and activities tailored to their age and interests. From hosting their own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, through to flamingo croquet with hedgehogs as balls, and the Contrariwise game, where everything is done back-to-front and the wrong way around.


For those with a creative flair, crafts can include teacup decorating, giant pocket watch creations, card soldier making and build-your-own Kaleidoscope workshops.


Movies in the Sky (All ages and 3+ flight hours)


For those aspiring young actors and actresses, what better opportunity than to call ‘action’ and star in their very own movie. Working with selected entertainers across the whole process – with lots of fun along the way – children can act out their favorite blockbuster, or bring new creative ideas to life.

VistaJet's children's programs start at $40,000, including the private jet cost for three hours of flying

With a camera and green screen, alongside costumes and props hand-picked for their choice of epic, the first part of the flight will involve working out the scenes and a script, alongside the all-important casting, hair and makeup. Then we’ll get filming, with introductions to the use of special effects, sound and music.


Equally exciting for individuals or groups of friends, around six to eight scenes will be shot, based on flight time. Footage will be edited afterward with a private link and USB provided to ensure your future stars can relive their special experience.


The Secret Mission (Ages 7 to 16 and 3 + hours flight time)


As in the best classic spy movies, recruits have the chance to train as a secret service agent and solve an international criminal operation, all in a day’s work. They will be guided by a sharply dressed in-flight ‘spy chief ’, who will provide briefcases with cryptography kits, spy gadgets and a Kingsman-inspired training program.


Upon boarding, new agents will receive an introduction to the art of writing and decrypting code, taking fingerprints, crime scene techniques, secret messaging and a black light (UV) use. Having been skilled-up, our agents are ready for their first mission. Delivered through the onboard audio visual system, the brief will involve working through a series of codes, riddles and hardware to foil the plot of a fiendish criminal plan.


VistaJet says programs are designed in advance to be age appropriate and suitable for those flying and it can plan the adventures as part of an actual trip.

VistaJet is set on entertaining your children

And in case you think all of the above is a bit much, VistaJet is also offering Adventure Packs which include a series of six hand-illustrated sticker books where children can follow the adventures of protagonists Miloh and Scarlet. Working with illustrator Alexandra Ball, the series of six sticker booklets recount fantastical adventures that begin in popular cities, destinations and journeys to fantasy lands.


In the Bloomberg article, VistaJet’s marketing head Matteo Atti says, “Given that one in every four VistaJet flights has a child on board, we saw the opportunity to build something incredibly special for our younger passengers…If you can trust us with your family, you can trust us with anything.”


And don’t worry about damaging VistaJet’s luxury interiors. Bloomberg reports, “When experimenting with colorful stickers, the company tested 17 variants to find ones that wouldn’t ruin the jets’ $65,000 leather seats.”

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