Aircraft management and jet card seller Jet Linx takes a day off for safety

Omaha-based Jet Linx sells jet cards in 14 markets nationwide where it manages private jets for their owners.

By Doug Gollan, June 12, 2018

Omaha-based Jet Linx sells jet cards in 14 markets nationwide where it manages private jets for their owners


Jet Linx, currently the third largest aircraft management company in the United States, said it “reinforced its unwavering commitment to developing, implementing and furthering the private aviation industry’s most rigorous standards during its annual Jet Linx Safety Summit.” To focus solely on best safety practices and standards of excellence “that exceed governmental regulations and guidelines,” Jet Linx suspended all retail flight operations from 8:00AM to 5:00PM (Central Time) to hold a full day summit on safety. 


The daylong Summit was the culmination of a weeklong series of rigorous assessment exercises, preparedness practices, roundtables and training programs that Jet Linx conducted with all of its executives, employees, pilots, client services and partners in order to evaluate and advance all safety and related procedures and protocols, standards and practices. The Summit was developed and conducted by the company’s executive leadership, as well as external industry experts and specialists, at its National Operations Center in Omaha, Nebraska and 14 local base locations.

Jet Linx jet card pricing

Jet Linx Aviation sells pay as you go jet cards starting at $12,500 from its 14 bases.

“Our commitment to assurance and safety has been a cornerstone since our inception in 1999. Governmental and regulatory standards are essential, imperative and mandatory, but we consider these standards to be merely a baseline, as we hold ourselves accountable to far more aggressive, exacting and meticulous safety principles,” said Jamie Walker, President & CEO of Jet Linx. “One can either adhere to and comply with established standards or continually strive to create new principles and tenets that transcend the norm, and that is both our credo and our mandate at Jet Linx. It is for this reason that we invest substantial efforts, energies and financial resources on a continuous and ongoing basis to provide our aircraft owners and members with the assurance and peace of mind that they are flying with the finest team that develops, implements and upholds the leading standards in the private aviation industry.”


In a press release outlining its approach, Jet Linx noted as an example, the number of days off per quarter for its pilots is nearly twice the amount required by the Federal Aviation Administration. Jet Linx said it also offers additional computer-based training to complement ground training, which exceeds required hours by 50% when combined with classroom instruction. In addition, the company manages and maintains a standalone certification and training program for its pilots, mechanics and flight coordinators. Jet Linx also provides training for Airline Transport Pilot certificates for co-pilots, which surpasses the FAA requirements for commercial certificates. Jet Linx pilots do not self-dispatch like other FAA Part 135 operators; instead, the company maintains a release process for all flights to ensure operational control and risk mitigation for each flight. This process is conducted through the use of Flight Coordinators, Maintenance Control and a computer algorithm checklist program incorporated into a proprietary, industry-leading, FlightRisk assessment system that Jet Linx co-developed to ensure optimal safety through predictive analytics.


“While there are only a couple of private aviation operators the size of Jet Linx, we all have a singular goal, which is to provide the safest flight experience for all concerned,” Walker said in a press release sent to Private Jet Card Comparisons. He added, “I hope that all of the other operators, regardless of their size and resources, will join us in taking a day each year to ground their fleets and empower their employees to come together to develop, implement and advance the world’s finest and most rigorous safety standards for the private aviation industry. It’s an absolute necessity, and Jet Linx will be pleased to support this effort so we can share best practices with our peers as well as learn from them.”


Jet Linx offers pay as you go pricing with memberships starting at $12,500. Jet Linx, as previously reported, is planning to expand into possibly a half dozen more markets in the near future. It already has bases on the East Coast in Washington D.C. and Atlanta and as far west as Scottsdale, Arizona. Recently it named business aviation veteran Cameron Gowans as President of a new Chicago base.

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