Private Jet Services (PJS) Group is offering a 10-hour jet card through the end of June

By Doug Gollan, June 12, 2018

PJS Group is reducing the entry point for its jet card program from 25 hours to 10 hours for a short period


Best known for flying sports teams, corporate charters, politicians, live entertainment tours and financial road shows, Private Jet Services Group is putting a push on its jet card offering by reducing the buy into just 10 hours instead of the normal 25 hours.  PJS CEO Greg Raiff tells Private Jet Card Comparisons that terms and pricing of the 10-hour cards, which it is selling until the end of June, are the same as its normal 25-hour cards. PJS offers cards based on cabin size, ranging from light to midsize, super midsize and heavy jets. Within each category, there are two age categories. The hourly rate for its Light Priority jet card starts is $4,890, including 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET) while Light Elite is priced at $5,490 per hour, including FET. For its Mid Priority jet card, rates start at $6,650 per hour. The Super Mid Priority jet card from PJS is $8,995 per hour while its Heavy Priority jet card is $11,050 per hour.

PJS jet card pricing begins at $4,890 per hour

There are no fuel surcharges or membership fees with the PJS program and it keeps funds in an escrow account. You can read our Jet Card Insider review of the PJS jet card program or for more information visit its website.

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