JetSmarter is offering member fares to non-members

By Doug Gollan, July 16, 2018

Until July 25, you can buy seats on JetSmarter’s shared private jet flights for the same rates as members


JetSmarter, which recently changed its pricing strategy, is offering a short-term promotion it is terming “Christmas in July.” Under the offer, non-members can books seats on its scheduled private jet shuttles for the same rates as members. A quick search of flights between New York and Florida found one-way rates ranging from $1,250 to $2,500. 


Earlier this year the company for the first time began allowing non-members to start and buy seats on its shuttle flights, albeit at a premium from members. It also marked a change to pricing for members. Previously most members enjoyed free seats on empty legs and for flights under three hours. New members now pay for all seats, and the number of free seats for existing members is limited.


While you lose the flexibility of setting your own schedule and share the aircraft with other passengers who are also buying seats, you only have to show up at the terminal 15 minutes before departure. What’s more, passengers are generally out of the airport within 15 minutes of landing. For flights under two hours, the by-the-seat private jet flights can cut travel time in half.




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