After the announcement that Kenn Ricci’s Directional Aviation had acquired PrivateFly, we had some questions, and here are the answers

Directional Aviation buys PrivateFly

After Wednesday’s announcement that Directional Aviation’s OneSky LLC was adding PrivateFly to Flexjet, Sentient Jet and Skyjet, Private Jet Card Comparisons emailed some additional questions. Below are the answers collectively from PrivateFly co-founders Adam Twidell and Carol Cork, as well as Andrew Collins, the President of OneSky’s on-demand private jet charter organization Skyjet in addition to jet card provider Sentient Jet. 

Q: It wasn’t quite clear, is the Skyjet name continuing? 

A: Yes, for now, Skyjet and PrivateFly will continue under their existing brand names and identities. Both companies have individual strengths, so we are working carefully on a strategy to combine the best of both. In each case, we believe there is organic strength and recall and a loyal set of clients, so it is important that we continue to operate under these distinctive brand-names.

Q: From the announcement, it highlighted PrivateFly’s 19 country-specific websites. Is it safe to assume that adding global reach to Skyjet was a key driver for the acquisition?

A: Skyjet has a global reach, but its 20-year heritage has delivered a client base that is most strongly located in the US. This forms part of OneSky’s global vision, so you’re correct in this assumption that this combination leverages the best of both businesses in terms of geographical strengths.

Q: Another key aspect highlighted in the announcement was the digital focus of both companies, so it seems like this is an area where you believe there will be an impact?

A: This transaction allows a business combination that brings together two companies that have both grown their revenues through a commitment to digital innovation, while sustaining this growth through operational knowledge and insight. Nobody else provides on-demand customers with this same recipe of technology innovation combined with team expertise. Additionally, it’s not just about front-facing retail digital technologies. It is also about the powerful combination of supply-side technologies along with an intensive investment in a world-class operator and safety certification program.

Q: Can you be a bit more specific on what PrivateFly and Skyjet are doing that “nobody else” is doing?

A: It’s really as above, and the fact that we really are localized across the US and European Union on a digital level with combined native-language digital storefronts and native-speaking assistance to complement digital instant-booking technology.

Q: OneSky includes Flexjet, Sentient Jet, Skyjet and now PrivateFly. What’s the headcount?

A: The total OneSky group is made up of teams including 125 at Sentient, 42 at PrivateFly, 25 at Skyjet and 1,200 at Flexjet.

Q: What are the annual revenues for Skyjet and PrivateFly?

A: PrivateFly and Skyjet collectively push the combined entity north of $100 million in annual transactions from day one of this deal, with the opportunity to amplify that growth much faster and further.

Q: Is there any synergy for Flexjet and Sentient Jet customers traveling in Europe coming from the deal?

 A: While the OneSky storefronts may operate independently, we always seek to leverage the talent, infrastructure and offerings of the collective to provide our clients unparalleled access to however they may choose to fly – be it through on-demand charter, a jet card, leasing, or fractional aircraft ownership.

Q: Any other key points you want to highlight?

A: That we’re all really excited about this transaction and the opportunities it brings for our customers, industry partners and the businesses within the OneSky portfolio. This is just the beginning!

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