"Jet Card Pricing: 19 Factors That Impact the Cost of Your Private Jet Flight" is a must-read for private aviation consumers

By Doug Gollan, November 8, 2018

The book, available on Amazon for $24.95, is free to paid subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons

Jet Cards are the fastest-growing segment of private aviation, with the number of providers and programs having more than doubled since the Great Recession. Buyers are moving to these programs due to the short-term commitment of jet cards, fixed hourly rates provided in advance, guaranteed aircraft availability—meaning travelers can always get an aircraft when needed—and avoidance of ferry fees, the charge to reposition planes. Determining how much to pay for a private aircraft, however, is no easy feat and can vary greatly on where and when you are flying. In “Jet Card Pricing: 19 Factors That Impact the Cost of Your Private Jet Flights,” author and jet card expert, Doug Gollan, guides readers through what to consider when determining which jet card program best suits their needs. 

Among the issues covered in the new book include: Federal Excise Tax, International Surcharges, High-Density Airport Surcharges, Fuel Surcharges, Taxi Time, Consumer Price Index (CPI) Escalators, Segment Minimums, Daily Minimums, De-Icing, Catering, Wi-Fi, Initiation Fees, Monthly and Annual Dues, Peak Day Surcharges, Interchange Fees, Roundtrip Discounts, Long Flight Discounts, Hub Discounts, Advance Booking Discounts, Luxury and Lifestyle Partnerships Discounts and Freebies. The book also includes a Jet Card Glossary and explains the differences between broker, fractional fleet, managed fleet and owned fleet jet cards.

“Jet Cards have revolutionized private air travel, providing an experience close to full and fractional ownership but without the long-term commitment. Today, there are jet cards that range from just five hours of travel time to 100 hours,” said Gollan, Editor and Founder of Private Jet Card Comparisons, an independent buyer’s guide to jet card programs which compares over 250 offerings by 65+ variables. “There are at least 19 factors to take into account when purchasing a jet card that impacts pricing. Oftentimes buys don’t think to consider many of these circumstances when purchasing a jet card and my goal is to provide consumers with insights to make an informed decision based on their needs and preferences.”

Gollan sites Peak Day Surcharges and Roundtrip Discounts as two examples of key factors to consider when purchasing a Jet Card, as both can impact hourly rates by as much as 40% in different directions. “Taking these into consideration can either cost or save you tens of thousands of dollars,” said Gollan.

“Jet Card Pricing: 19 Factors That Impact the Cost of Your Private Jet Flights,” is available on Amazon for $24.50 and is offered complimentary to Private Jet Card Comparisons subscribers.

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