Air Charter Service releases its list of top 10 private jet ski destinations amid record growth

By Doug Gollan, January 13, 2019

More wealthy families in the UK are using private jets to fly to European ski destinations


Air Charter Service, has said that it has seen more and more wealthy families turning to private jets to get to exclusive skiing destinations around Europe this winter. Chris Mansell, ACS London’s director of private jets, said: “Over the past three years our top 10 airports for ski getaways have remained the same, but the numbers of flights to them has increased by more than 65%, with flights to Chambery and St Moritz doubling in that time.

Switzerland has more than half of the top 10 most popular airports with six, with two in each of France and Austria. The reasons seem varied for choosing to fly privately; some are flying to less well-serviced airports in the Alps and Pyrenees, whereas others are flying into hub airports, but want to travel in luxury and maximize their time spent on the slopes. St Gallen Airport in Switzerland, also known as Altenrhein, has seen the biggest growth with 600% growth since 2016.

Future bookings portend the growth trend continuing, the company said with advance bookings being made months ahead of departure dates.

Top 10 European private jet airports for UK ski clients

  1.  Geneva
  2.  Chambéry
  3.  Zürich
  4.  St Moritz / Samedan
  5.  Sion
  6.  Altenrhein / St Gallen
  7.  Bern
  8.  Annecy
  9.  Innsbrück
  10.  Salzburg

In addition to on-demand charter, Air Charter Services offers guaranteed availability jet cards with a fixed hourly rate cap, as well as custom jet cards created on specific customer needs.

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