Air Charter Service lands at 4,000th airport over last decade

From Burning Man to Antarctica, Air Charter Service has arranged charter flights to over 4,000 airports in the past 10 years.

By Doug Gollan, January 25, 2024

Over the past 10 years, private jet on-demand and jet card broker Air Charter Service has arranged flights to 4,000 different IATA OR ICAO airports.

The flights cover charters to 191 countries.

“Since the beginning of 2013, we have chartered aircraft into or out of 4,027 IATA or ICAO-recognized airports, along with thousands more dirt runways, ice runways, non-designated airfields, helipads, and even water landings,” says Air Charter Service Chairman Chris Leach.

He adds, “To put this number into perspective, American Airlines operates 350 destinations in 63 countries, which is more than any other international airline.”

Cobar Regional in New South Wales, Australia, was the 4,000th airport.

It was a charter on behalf of a mining company.

However, the actual number of airports where Air Charter Service has taken its customers is much higher, Leach says.

He points to Black Rock City Airport in the middle of the Nevada desert, which only opens yearly for just over one week to serve air traffic to the Burning Man Festival.

Many airstrips in Africa are used for safaris, and airfields in Antarctica and Alaska do not have codes.

Leach adds, “We have had aircraft land at uncoded airports worldwide, such as in ChemChem in Tanzania, Gan Gan Outstation in Australia, Umaria in India, and Stoltzfus Airfield in Ohio.”

Additionally, it has arranged hundreds of helicopter charters.

In addition to heliports, they have set down at racecourses, music festivals, and fields around the world.

“Each airport on the map represents a different destination for trade, tourism, or aid and truly shows the power of charter aviation. We are proud to be a part of connecting the world through each one of our 33 offices around the globe,” says Leach.

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