waives $3,000 premium membership fee with Super Bowl flights

By Doug Gollan, January 14, 2019

The sister company of jet card seller Luxury Aircraft Solutions offers no mark-up charters for premium members


While Luxury Aircraft Solutions has been on the innovating edge of jet cards with 5-hour jet cards and turboprop options, its launch last year of has generated “several hundred” members and a slightly different model, according to CEO Daniel Hirschhorn. To help promote the service, is waiving the cost of a full year premium membership – $3,000 – for anyone who books a Super Bowl LIII related charter. The Big Game is being held in Atlanta this year on Feb. 3. discounted charter

“Over the past year, there have been some changes in our offering. We no longer offer a 45 day free trial of our premium membership. We now allow new members to create a free account which gives them access to all of the same verified available aircraft, just with a very reasonable less than a broker mark-up,” Hirschhorn tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, adding, “Those who charter more than once a year will want the zero dollar mark-up, wholesale rates that make (premium membership) the best value proposition in charter can upgrade to a premium membership for $250 per month.”


He says, for the Super Bowl Special it is offering a 12-month premium membership to any new customer who creates a free account and books a flight to or from the Big Game. Hirschhorn says since launching the program now has several hundred members. Last year, Luxury Aircraft Solutions was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fast-growing privately held companies. Its entry-level jet card is 5 hours on a turboprop at $3,300 per hour excluding 7.5% Federal Excise Tax and $665 per hour fuel surcharge.


In case you are wondering, how do these guys make money on this promotion, Hirschhorn tells us, “With this Super Bowl offer, a nonmember will need to book a Super Bowl-related trip which does have a small, clear fee added onto the wholesale price. For non-premium members, this fee varies based on total charter price but is lower than what a broker will normally charge. After the initial trip, the customer will have a 12-month premium membership where there is $0 mark-up and no hidden fees. Our hope is that these new users will refer, renew after the 12 months and continue to use our product for many years to come and we will be able to collect monthly/annual fees.”



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