The Pilatus PC-12 was 2018's most used "private jet"

By Doug Gollan, January 30, 2019

The single engine turboprop was the most flown private aircraft last year

Last year, there were more flights on the Pilatus PC-12 than any other private aircraft in any category, according to data published by TRAQPak. In its survey of most used airplanes, the single-engine turboprop recorded 233, 676 flights, some 612 segments per day. Both Nicholas Air and OneFlight International offer the winner in their jet card programs. PlaneSense, which doesn’t sell jet cards, features the PC-12 in its fractional fleet, while Surf Air uses the type for its by-the-seat shuttle flights on the West Coast.

Top Twin-Engine Turboprop

Second most used “private jet” was also a turboprop, the twin-engine King Air 200 which made 178,068 flights across its fleet, 488 flights per day. Wheels Up offers the King Air 350i in its jet card membership program, although only OneFlight has a fixed one-way rate on the King Air 200.

Most Used Midsize Private Jet

The Citation Excel/XLS is the most flown midsize private jet

Most used private jet was the midsize Citation Excel/XLS/XLS+ with 166,883 flights, 457 daily segments. NetJets via its Marquis Jet and Elite Plus cards features the type in jet cards as well as Clay Lacy, Northern Jet Management, OneFlight, Silverhawk Aviation, and Wheels Up.

Most Used Light Jet

Airshare Phenom 300 fractional ownership and jet cards

The top light jet was the Embraer Phenom 300 with 104,428 flights or 286 flights per day. Airshare, Clay Lacy, Flexjet, Grandview Aviation, JetSuite, Nicholas Air, and OneFlight all offer Phenom 300 specific jet card programs.

Busiest Super Midsize Jet

Flexjet pricing

For super-midsize jets, the Bombardier Challenger 300/350 reigned supreme with 94,498 flights, some 259 daily takeoffs. Clay Lacy, Flexjet, OneFlight, VistaJet, and XOJET each offer jet card programs specific to the type.

Most Popular Large Cabin and Long Range Jets

VistaJet hourly rates

In the large private jet category, the Bombardier Challenger 600/601/604/605 series racked up 83,392 flights. Clay Lacy, OneFlight and VistaJet each offer fixed rate jet cards specific this aircraft.

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For super long range private jet segment, the Gulfstream G-V/G500/G550 made 49,357 flights with only OneFlight offering a fixed rate jet card.

Most Used Very Light Jet

JetSuite Phenom 100 hourly rates

For very light jets, the Phenom 100 flew 37,233 segments. JetSuite, Nicholas Air and OneFlight all offer fixed rate jet cards specific to this VLJ, and like the other winners, the type of course features among the selection of aircraft used in category jet cards.

2018 Most Popular Private Aircraft By Type



Single Engine Turboprop Pilatus PC-12 233,676
Multi Engine Turboprop King Air 200 178,068
Very Light Jet Phenom 100 37,233
Light Jet Phenom 300 104,428
Mid-Size Jet Citation Excel/XLS/XLS+ 166,883
Super Mid Jet Challenger 300 94,498
Large Jet Challenger 600/601/604/605 83,392
Super Long Range Jet Gulfstream G-V/G500/G550 49,357

Source: TRAQPak

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