Fast facts about the world’s largest private jet operator

How big is NetJets’ fleet of private jets? How many employees does the Berkshire Hathaway owned company have? How many airports do owners and jet card customers fly to? Here are some fast facts:

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NetJets worldwide fleet

NetJets has over 750 aircraft, including NetJets Europe and Executive Jet Management, representing just under 3.5% of active private jets worldwide. According to JetNet, there are 21,985 total business jets currently. Its first Citation Longitude will join later this year. Below are the number of aircraft and type as of January 2019.

Light Cabin (189 aircraft)

86 Phenom 300
103 Citation Excel/XLS

Midsize Cabin (128)

84 Citation Latitude
44 Citation Sovereign

Super Midsize Cabin (96)

23 Citation X
73 Challenger 350

Large Cabin (93)

27 Falcon 2000/2000EX
19 Challenger 650
14 Gulfstream G450
12 Global 5000
21 Global 6000


NetJets has over 6,000 employees worldwide, including over 2,500 pilots and five FAA-approved meteorologists. Customers sometimes call the weathermen before they book flights to check on the forecast for where they want to go before they make a decision.

Flight Activity

NetJets makes over 300,000 flights per year. Its fleet has visited 3,200 airports in 150 countries.

Phone Numbers

Every owner gets his or her own dedicated phone number to call owner services, so NetJets has over 7,000 phone numbers. Terms for owning a share or lease is typically five years, although leases can be as short as 24 months and as little as 50 hours per year. Jet cards come in blocks of 25 or 50 hours.

Inflight Dining

NetJets serves annually 40,000 fruit trays, 26,000 cheese trays and 1.2 million bottles of Fiji water. Standard wine selections require a minimum score of 90 on the Parker scale. It also serves 4,300 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, popular with the flight crew.

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