Private Jet Charter Broker vs. Charter Operator

By Doug Gollan, March 20, 2019

Charter broker Paramount Business Jets makes a case for the middleman

With the increasing profile of  branded floating fleets – think Delta Private Jets, JetSuite, VistaJet, Dumont Group, TMC, and Jet Edge – Virginia-based Paramount Business Jets issued a press release to highlight the benefits of working through a charter broker instead of directly with an operator.

Charter operators sell private charters under Part 135 for fleets they own or manage whereas brokers tap into over 3,000 operators to source aircraft based on client needs.

Charter brokers represent consumer interests

“Our number one responsibility is to represent our client’s interests and provide all the information needed for them to make the best private jet travel decisions for themselves,” Paramount CEO Richard Zaher said. He added, “PBJ is committed to advising our clients throughout the process and to work with them and the operator towards a mutually satisfying aircraft charter experience.”

PBJ was founded in 2005 by  Zaher, a former pilot and Aerospace Studies graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and the current president of the Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA). It offers on-demand charter and dynamically priced jet cards.

For more than a decade, we’ve arranged flights for thousands of clients,” he said. “We coordinate all requested services with the client, and we receive their approval before placing those orders. Anything that looks abnormal or excessive, we’ll quickly engage with the operator to ensure the situation is remedied prior to the client’s flight.”

Private jet charter price is just one factor

He says, “Pricing concerns are just one example of why an experienced and ethical charter broker offers a significant advantage to clients. PBJ further ensures the operator meets its own strict safety standards that go beyond the requirements defined by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

As an example, he says a second-in-command with relatively few hours in the aircraft type will be flagged by Paramount’s safety monitoring system even if that pilot is legal to fly under FAA regulations.

“Regardless of whether it’s a question about a crewmember’s time-in-type or a catering charge, we are an important second line of defense when it comes to ascertaining an operator’s experience and philosophy on behalf of our client,” Zaher said.

He noted, “That benefit actually extends to the operator as well, as the customer service we provide is also time that the operator may instead use to focus on performing the flight safely and efficiently.”

Speaking about new regulations for brokers that went into effect on Valentine’s Day, Zaher said, “The newly-implemented Part 295 requirements actually changed very little about PBJ’s operations, because we’ve operated under such responsible business practices long before they were codified into law.”

“It’s gratifying to see charter brokers recognized as an integral part of the private aviation industry, and I believe the regulations are there to help us all perform our duties more responsibly,” he said.

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