Aeromexico launches private jet card

By Doug Gollan, June 5, 2019

Aeromexico Private Jets will work with Delta Private Jets to provide seamless services for customers traveling in the U.S.

Aeromexico Group has partnered with Aerolíneas Ejecutivas, an IS-BAO, Wyvern Wingman and Argus Gold charter operator to launch Aeromexico Private Jets, an offering that will include a jet card product.

In the translation of a press release, Aeromexico said, “We are proud to present Aeroméxico Private Jets, a new private aviation service in conjunction with Aerolíneas Ejecutivas, which combines the best of both worlds: the experience and premium service of the Mexican flag carrier with the flexibility of Aerolíneas Ejecutivas, a leading aviation company private for more than 50 years.”

Aeromexico said the new product is aimed at corporate clients, entrepreneurs, and companies seeking personalized service at any time they need it. It notes, “The service will work through the Jet Card Aeromexico, a prepaid card where customers can make use of their flight hours in a private jet operated by Executive Airlines.”

Aeromexico jet card pricing

According to its website, memberships start at $ 125,000 per year with the balance valid for 24 months, including fixed hourly rates with an eight-hour window for bookings.

Aeromexico Jet Card
Aeromexico Jet Card starts with a $125,000 deposit

Available jet types include the Hawker 400XP (8 passengers) and Beechcraft Premier A1 (6 passengers); Learjet 75/45 and Hawker 800XP (both 9 passengers), and Bombardier Challenger 605 (12 passengers).

Aeromexico jet card
Aeromexico’s jet card offers five jet types at fixed rates for members.

Jet card users can also apply their balance for tickets on Aeromexico to more than 90 destinations the airline flies.

Partnership with Delta Private Jets

According to Aviation International News, for domestic U.S. flights, Aeromexico jet card customers will utilize Delta Private Jets aircraft and crews to avoid cabotage issues.

A report from Mexico said Aeromexico Private Jets will make helicopter transport available to customers departing or arriving from Mexico City, Toluca, Monterrey, León, Cancún, and Mérida.

Prive Jets also offers a jet card for Mexico-based users. To compare over 250 jet card offerings in one place, become a subscriber to Private Jet Card Comparisons.

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