Wing Spirit orders 15 HondaJets for inter-island Hawaii private jet charter service

By Doug Gollan, July 23, 2019

The newly formed charter operator wants to provide luxury private jet service between Hawaii’s islands

Wing Spirit, Inc., a start-up charter operator, today said it has purchased 15 HondaJets to support inter-island transportation in the Hawaiian Islands. Earlier this month it received its first two aircraft.

In an announcement, HondaJet said,  “A newly-established aviation group, Wing Spirit will use its HondaJets to provide luxury inter-island transportation throughout the Hawaiian Islands. They are also exploring using HondaJets as air ambulances and for aviation education opportunities throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The aircraft serving as air ambulances will be outfitted with custom medevac configurations, marking the first time this design has been implemented in the HondaJet program’s history.

“Wing Spirit’s purchase of 15 aircraft to operate throughout the Hawaiian Islands is a realization of our goal to expand the world’s business jet market. Prior to the HondaJet’s entry into service in the region, no other light jet had operated in Hawaii,” said Honda Aircraft Company president and CEO Michimasa Fujino, adding, “We are confident the HondaJet’s efficiency, comfort, and best-in-class performance are well-suited to Wing Spirit’s mission to revolutionize business aviation in the region.”

Sal Miwa, Wing Spirit’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, said, “When deciding how we could best provide convenient and luxurious transportation to the residents and tourists in Hawaii, the HondaJet was a natural choice. We are thrilled to expand our fleet to 15 HondaJets and for our customers to experience the most technologically advanced jet in its class. ”

The most delivered aircraft in its class for two consecutive years, the HondaJet fleet numbers more than 125 aircraft worldwide. Currently, Honda Aircraft Company sales and service network spans North America, Europe, Middle, and South America, Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, India, and Japan.

While its website doesn’t provide information about executives, according to LinkedIn the C-suite at Wing Spirit include Milwa, who is also a director of Japan Aviation Academy, executive vice president Jack Vandelaar, a retired American Airlines A330 captain who most recently served as manager, international operations for Hawaiian Airlines, and CFO Paul Kobayashi, Jr., who previously was controller at Hawaiian.

Wing Spirit executives could not be reached for comment, and it is not clear yet how they will be using the fleet. Possible options include full on-demand charters, integrating with existing jet card players by providing fixed rates they can market to existing customers, launching its own jet card program, or perhaps selling shared flights.

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