The move celebrates its 100th Citation Latitude entering its U.S. fleet later this month

NetJets is celebrating its 100th Cessna Citation Latitude’s entry into the U.S. fleet later in December by offering complimentary upgrades.

The roundtrip upgrade to the Latitude comes with the purchase of any 25-hour Embraer Phenom 300 or Citation Excel jet card before the year-end. 

The Latitude has proven popular in its shared ownership and leasing programs, however, it isn’t yet available in jet card format.

NetJets executives have previously said its jet card business is a key point of entry for buyers of shares and leases.

Interior layout of a NetJets Citation Latitude

The offer enables Phenom 300 and Excel to get exposed to the aircraft. 

The two upgrade segments can be used for travel within the U.S., Caribbean or Mexico.

They are available over the term of the card, excluding applicable Peak Period Days.

The Citation Latitude seats seven with a range of seven hours, according to the NetJets website.

And while it doesn’t have a card offer to directly price compare, we estimate the value of this upgrade to be at least $2,000 per hour, meaning if you were able to plan two flights at maximum range, you would generate at least $25,000 in additional value.

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