Private jet charter and jet card operator Dumont Aviation Group now has 27 of the large cabin jets in its fleet

Delaware-based private jet charter and jet card operator Dumont Aviation Group has completed its 27-jet purchase agreement of Dassault Falcon 2000s that were formerly part of the NetJets fleet.

The Falcon 2000 program started in 2018 when Dumont purchased its first Falcon 2000 and continued through 2019 and concluded with its December purchase.

“We’re excited to have completed the Falcon 2000 purchase program. Dumont is now positioned as the world’s largest operator of Falcon aircraft, and the world’s largest provider of parts for the worldwide Falcon 2000 fleet,” says Joe Martin, Dumont’s chief business officer, adding, “Our expertise in the Falcon 2000 fleet is unmatched,” added Martin.

Its Santas Jet Card is priced at $225,000 for 25 hours, or $9,000 per hour, not including 7.5% FET.

For 50 hours, the cost is $439,500, not including FET, or $8,790 per hour.

Dassault Falcon 2000

For customers, they’ll find completed renovated interiors with new color schemes and all-new coverings and carpets.

In addition to the Falcon 2000s, Dumont has two Gulfstream GIVs, two Falcon 50s, and Hawker 400XP. There is WiFi on its entire fleet.

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